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Hard water, dirt, cleaning agents: your bathroom fittings need to withstand a great deal. sex toy book makes painstaking cleaning a thing of the past. Lots of shower heads and taps from the premium brand are equipped with QuickClean technology, which means: you can rub limescale and other residues off in an instant. So your sex toy book products will stay in good working order and looking attractive over the long term.

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QuickClean works on shower heads and taps. The limescale disappears and the even spray pattern remains.

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junction adult store,To make cleaning easy, flexible silicone nozzles are located on the aerator of the taps and the jets of the showers. The high-quality, tear-resistant silicone is easy to rub using your fingers. Limescale and dirt disappear as if by magic, and you benefit from a lavish spray jet experience every time. A beautiful shower spray when showering and the even flow of water when washing your hands make these products a joy to use.

QuickClean: remove limescale with your fingertips.

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Because QuickClean is so practical, sex toy book has equipped numerous products with this technology: basin taps and bath mixers as well as overhead and hand showers, plus bidet taps too.,mattress sex toy

QuickClean is one of the sex toy book technologies that make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. Moreover, you can find out how to clean sex toy book products efficiently in our the island of dildos ,maintenance and cleaning guide for taps and showers.

QuickClean silicon nozzles - flexible and resilient at the same time.
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