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As a general rule, there are only two types of people you should give a sex toy as a gift: A partner you're sexually active with; Close friends who you're sexually open with (discussing or otherwise) You should NOT give sex toys to include acquaintances, colleagues, congregants, family members, and that cute barista you want to ask out.

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So, why not give a sex toy as a gift to your partner or even to yourself? You could do some essential research solo in order to work out what might suit you both. If you are in a relationship, it is a great way to open up the conversation about sex toys and it can be easier if you have already indulged and can demonstrate that they really do enhance proceedings.

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Sex toys are a great gift idea for those that enjoy serious self-care. They’re a great way to show a friend or special someone that you care, as well as a very meaningful way to propel your romantic relationship forward. That being said, one doesn’t simply just give a sex toy to someone, especially not to an uninitiated someone.

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On the other hand, sex toys can be an amazing birthday or holiday gift. In most cases, they are exciting and unusual, so they can make you stand out as a good gift giver. And some people you know would be very amused and happy to receive such a gift for a Christmas or their Birthday. There is also one holiday that may be the perfect occasion for giving sex toys as gifts — International Women’s Day.

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But when you give the sex toy gift Be Discreet and of course Romantic. Nothing is worse than a poorly given gift on Valentine’s Day. Where and how you gift give especially a sex toy gift is crucial. DO NOT give the gift to your lover in front of anyone else. Doing so would be very tacky and uncomfortable for the receiver.

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If you wanna gift something that leaves the door open for more sex toy buying in the future, the WeVibe Romp Free is a great starter.

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Tis the season to get decked down in every hall in your house! We’ve put together a gift guide just for your sex toy needs. Santa’s got a big ol’ sack for you since he only comes once a year (poor Santa), and we know just what gifts will keep on giving!

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The Cowgirl Sex Toy Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Ride into the holidays with a full satchel of sex This holiday season, kick Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen to the curb because there’s a new ride in town!

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We're talking sex toys like vibrators and booty stuff, sex games, lingerie, massage candles, fancy lube... Just make sure she opens the gift in private, and not, say, on Christmas morning in front...