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Myth 1: Silicone lube will destroy all of your sex toys. Many people are under the false impression that silicone lubricants will damage all of their sex toys. As Lubezilla points out, “silicone-based lubes are fine on toys made of hard materials, like hard plastic, aluminum, ceramic, steel, granite, wood, marble, etc.”.

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Again, all a hunch, but in light of the fact I’ve never had any damage to my toys attributed to silicone lube, ever, and the current use of silicone lubes with no adverse affects on the few other brands I know that use 100% Platinum cured silicone, it’s my best assessment of the origins of this commonly held belief.

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A high quality silicone lube should really only have 3 ingredients at the most – Dimethicone, Dimethiconol & Cyclomethicone (though this has been replaced by Cyclopentasiloxane in most lubes). We do sell some with the addition of vitamin E or aloe but, in general, the less ingredients, the better.

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Concerns about whether silicone lube is safe to use internally are also addressed in section 5a of the article. J-Lube. 2014 Update: there have been rumors of J-lube causing a fatality when a perforation happened and J-lube entering the abdominal cavity. It is reported to have caused a reaction that caused death.

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Using lotion or oil on latex is a no-no, as is using silicone-based lube on silicone toys (the toys will degrade) — generally water-based lubes are a safe bet. Whatever toy you choose, remember that the penis is made of delicate tissue that can be damaged.

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Speaking of condoms, oil-based lube makes latex prone to ripping, so you should only use water- or silicone-based lube if you decide to use a latex condom with your toy. 6. You only let expensive ...

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Silicone Based Lubes. Silicone based lubricants are generally regarded as hypo-allergenic, although some folks (estimated at around 1-2% of all people) may have an acquired allergy or experience urinary tract infection that coincides with their use of silicone based lubricants.

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However, if the dildo you're using is made of silicone, silicone-based lubricant can damage the toy - so you should use water-based lube. Be sure to put lubricant on the toy before you use it.

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Oil-based lube: Use natural plant oils with silicone sex toys, but not with latex condoms. Water-based lube: Use aloe-based lubes with sex toys and condoms. May need to reapply often. Silicone-based lube: Use silicone lubes with condoms, but not with silicone sex toys. Given the varied uses, you may want to keep more than one type of sex lube ...

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Read on to discover when coconut oil is the perfect lubricant, and when you should consider something else. Coconut Lube and Sex Toys. Coconut oil makes a great lube for hard plastic, silicone, metal, and glass sex toys. Avoid using it with TPE, rubber, latex, or PVC toys and be wary of cheap ‘silicone’ as it is sometimes mislabeled.