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The Promotion - ASSTR

The girls will race against each other, pushing the dildos up their assholes until they are sitting on the bench, and only then they can move to the next one.” I let that sit for a moment, as they looked in disbelief at the last one. The dildos were lubed, but it would make little difference with the widest ones, and they knew it.

Hope's Initiation - ASSTR

Beth picked up a dildo from a cart beside the bench. It was connected to a machine on the lower shelf of the cart with a thick hose from the base of the shaft. The dildo was not an ordinary dildo, it was a replica of a huge dog cock. Beth held the toy up and signaled to Amy.

Loliwood Studios: Child Erotica at its Best - ASSTR

Tamara's 16 year old body tensed up trying to stretch the straps that held her down to the bench. Unable to move her head she tried to arch her back and move the strap across her mid back. She lay face down on the bench with her hands strapped to the support at the head of the bench and her forehead firmly in the curved rest.

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The huge head of the dildo smacked her pussy each time it entered, and juices squirted out sometimes with the force. Each time the dildo exited, some juice dribbled out of her extremely wide gaping pussy and soaked into the bench cushion. Margot had orgasm after orgasm with this intense, relentless fucking. We filmed the action for another hour.

Teen Katie's Diary: The Gathering/2 - ASSTR

The dildo split the little girl open and sank in deep, the knobs pulling her lips deep inside with them once again. Katie moaned and groaned as intense waves of pleasure swept her luscious body. She was in sexual heaven that was created by the Devil and she loved it.

Destiny's Draw - PART 2 - ASSTR

Aurora was secured to the bench and the two stallions positioned above her. Taylor quickly left her sister to the inflatable dildo and took her position under the two beasts, ready to guide them into her opponent. Aurora took both cocks easily in her ass and pussy at the same time.

Ashleigh in "There Is A Bench With Dildos...", HD / From ...

Duration: 15min 12sec. While exploring, horny Ashleigh finds a room. In this room, there is a bench with dildos all in a line, varying in size and shape. She plays with each one and then straddles them, feeling each one inside her, as she moves down the line.

My Baby Girl and the Swim Class

The rest of the room was devoted to fun. There were a few dildos in small sizes, a fluffy pair of handcuffs, and several pinups and glossy photos of young girls in lewd and compromising positions. A couch and a couple small chairs provided comfortable viewing. Shae came in and let the door close behind her. So, the coach had the same taste as me.

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