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Help, My Dildo Won't Fit! 8 Ways to Deal With A Huge Dildo

Try a few mock thrusts in the air - yes, we know, it looks silly, but trust us, it works! - to get a feel for how the dildo moves and how its weight feels in your hands. Rub the tip of the dildo over your body, making sure to pay extra attention to sensitive spots other than your genitals.

Anal Depth Training: How To Do Deep Anal Like A PRO

Have fun, and go slow. Try not to touch your dick if that’s what you’re working with, it might help you initially, but I find after I cum, I don’t want anything in there anymore, and it stops [the] play.

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You can insert quite a long dildo but you must go slow. You have to get past another muscle group to get into the sigmoid colon, then if it's like about 18-20 inches (whew!) it has to go past another curve to get into the descending colon. This is possible if you go slow and use a LOT of lube, like J-lube for instance.

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Just remember that you are straightening the colon, so go very slowly. Now, with a more flexible, long dildo, you can get even further, but the trick is to get through the rectum ending. I would recommend using this method with a stiffer dildo, to get into the colon, and then inserting a very long one that can slide past the curves.

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Most people don’t care about going past their sigmoid bend. Anal play is plenty fun if you stay in your rectum, so why bother going deeper? You are not most people. The Right Tool. It’s possible to snake past your sigmoid bend and train yourself to go deeper. But it requires practice and, above all, the right tool. You need a toy that’s. Long; Slim

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Slowly the sigmoid valve will open. The dildo should start to slide easily for another few inches. It may slide all the way in at this point, or you may hit another curve. It all depends on your physiology, and size. If you hit another bend, do the same as the last, push, wait. There's no sphincter there, just a bend. It should go thru.

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A quick google image search for 'horse dildo' or 'uses long dildo' will reveal A TON of people putting very long dildos wayyyy up their butt. Companies like tantus also sell dildos like 'The cowboy' that are 15 inches long and in the reviews people say they love to take the whole thing up their butt.

How to Safely Stretch Your Anus: 31 Tips, Techniques, and More

Take a deep breath and increase the pressure, slowly pushing your finger or toy inside. Try to insert the toy an inch or so over the course of about 3 or 4 minutes.

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Stretch a little bit at a time and go a little deeper every time you do it. Eventually you’ll get it, and there is no feeling in the world that can compare. As long as you’re careful and do your homework, it’s pretty safe.

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How To Get More Out of Deep Penetration But if you’re a fan of deep thrusting, you’ll want to have sex in all the fun positions that do enable you to feel your partner more deeply. These can include missionary , depending upon how your bodies match up, and doggy style.