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In Kid's Cove, where Mangle spawns, she wants Toy Freddy to buy her an esoteric Sex Toy. Talk to Mangle in Kid's Cove. Destroy Beta Streamers until one of them drops a Sex Toy Voucher. Go to the Kid's Cove Balloon Boy and choose the special offer or insert the Sex Toy Voucher into the Vending Machine. Bring the Sex Toy to Mangle.

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Mangle was created by Dr. Weird. He used left over parts and built it. The owner of the pizzeria bought the robot. Of course, it was left on MURDER mode and it kills the security guards at the Pizzeria. However, it was actually Toy Bonnie who dismantled her after every shift.

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Mangle: "Please buy me an esoteric sex toy." Toy Freddy: "No." Mangle: "But I ... You're going to rue the day you even thought so much as to use my own devices ...

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Like all phantoms, Phantom Mangle cannot be fought straight away. First, a small quest must be completed. Her quest is similar to the one in FNaFb2. You must fetch her an esoteric sex toy, but it isn't sold or dropped by enemies. To get it, you must first talk to Phantom Mangle to start the quest.

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(This minigame will have leaderboards.)Set to release on 4/20/15. Check the GameJolt page for updates!http://gamejolt.com/games/rpg/five-nights-at-f-boy-s-3/...

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How to Unlock [edit edit source] In Kid's Cove, where Mangle spawns, she wants Toy Freddy to buy her an esoteric Sex Toy 43. Find 52 ways to say Mangle , along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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Talk to her, and as per usual she wants her esoteric sex toy. We need to farm Beta (blue) streamers for the voucher, so head over to the Office hallway and farm until you find a voucher. Put it into the vending machine and out pops the esoteric sex toy! Give it to Mangle, and just like in regular FNAFB 2, Withered Freddy steals it.


Mangle: Talk to her, then go farm some Beta Streamers until they drop a Sex Toy Voucher (1/10 chance), then talk to B.B on the Kid's Cove, give the Sex Toy to Mangle, but suddenly... Withered Foxy will steal it and run away to the Party Room 2, beat him and get the Sex Toy back and give it to the fucking fluff fucker.

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Use the stick to force Toy Bonnie out of the vent. You’ll end up in the Office and Toy Bonnie will join you. TO GET MANGLE: Go into Kid’s Cove and speak to Mangle, who wants an esoteric sex toy. Go to an area with Streamer Betas [Office Hall, Party Rooms 3 and 4] and fight them until they drop a Sex Toy Voucher.

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Mangle: Talk to Mangle's head in the Office Hall. Then go to the Arcade and examine the Mangle's Esoteric Quest cabinet on the top left. Say no when it asks if you want to play and Springtrap will dismantle the arcade cabinet and obtain the Esoteric Sex Toy. Take it to Mangle and a portal will open in Room 5. Foxy: Talk to Foxy's head in Room 4 ...