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As small as 2 mm. Size that a mammogram can detect a lesion. 2 to 4 years. Years for 2 mm lesions to be palpable on breast self-examination or clinical breast examination. 2 cm. It is reported that once a breast tumor has reached _____ in size, it often has already metastasized or spread to other regions. 2 years.

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What is the most common complication of breast augmentation? Capsular contracture, with rates reported between 0.5 and 30%. What should the implant pocket be irrigated with to decrease the incidence of infection and capsular contracture? Mixture of 50,000 U Bacitracin, 1 g cefazolin, 80 mg gentamicin, and 500 mL saline.

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explain the significance of a supernumerary nipple or breast female breast examination begin with the pt sitting up facing you. you may sue a short gown, open at the back and lift it up to the woman's shoulders during inspection. during palpation when the woman is supine cover one breast with the gown while examining the other.

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D. The nurse would suggest the mother position the infant in this manner. Rotating breast-feeding positions; breaking suction with the little finger; nursing frequently; begin feeding on the less sore nipple; not allowing the newborn to chew on the nipple or to sleep holding the nipple in the mouth and applying tea bags soaked in warm water to the nipple are also measures to alleviate nipple ...

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A 240 band was placed 360 degrees around the eye and a 277 element from approximately the 5-1 o'clock position. The patient had another examination of the retina and was noted to have a moderate amount of subretinal fluid, so a drainage sclerotomy site was created at approximately the 9:30 o'clock position incising the sclera until the choroid ...

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Chapter 19 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 122 terms. Sonjia34. Plastics chapter19. 99 terms. lilalice724. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. metric system prefixes. 10 terms.


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