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Glass Dildos - The Real Story

Most dildos are made from a Pyrex type, tempered glass which is known for its durability. Usually these are heated under extreme temperatures to strengthen the glass even further. The brand names like Phallix & Asstroknots have done the necessary research and have hired experienced, professional glass blowers to create these special toys.

Glass Dildos vs. Rubber Dildos: Which Sex Toy is Right for You?

In fact, glass dildos offer several benefits that make them appealing to those who crave pleasure and security. Glass Dildos: Are generally made from Pyrex glass--like the cookware--which makes them stand up to extreme temperatures and makes them shatter proof

Best Glass Dildos & Reasons To Try Luxury Sex Toys 2018

Pyrexing the toys ensures that your dildo stays solid when you use it, and it also allows you to use glass dildos for temperature play. A lot of times, temperature play involves using ice or a ...

How to Use a Glass Dildo - Lauvette

They’re made of glass so these sex toys offer a firmer and more solid stimulation and penetration than the other kinds. If you’re like me and you like it hard and strong, glass dildos give you an intense pleasure when you put it inside you or your partner.

Dildo - Wikipedia

In Italy during the 1400s, dildos were made of leather, wood, or stone. Chinese women in the 15th century used dildos made of lacquered wood with textured surfaces, and were sometimes buried with them. Nashe's early-1590s work The Choise of Valentines mentions a dildo made from glass.

Mister Swirly Glass Dildo Review - Why You Need This Glass Dildo

And because it’s made of glass, it has less give than your typical silicone dildo. "It’s a very different feeling—and hard to describe unless you try it," Lam tells Women’s Health . "Glass ...

I Tried The Best Glass Sex Toys Ever Made (Here's What Happened)

I too used to shy away from glass sex toys, thinking of splinters, shattered glass and all kinds of other things. However, when I started reading up on them I realized that actually none of this was true and if you buy high-quality glass sex toys you will never have a shattered glass dildo and all of the glass sex toys that I bought that are below are made from skin-safe glass and high-quality ...

The Best Glass Dildos and Sex Toys to Elevate Your Collection ...

Often viewed as the underdog of dildos, glass wands offer an array of new sensations and experiences. Besides being visually stunning (who says can't be art?), glass dildos also allow for effortless penetration and provide an ideal way to indulge in sensory and temperature play.

Glass Dildos | Glass Sex Toys - Emma's Sex Store

What are glass dildos? Glass dildos are adult glass toys made of tempered glass, which is identical to Pyrex. These glasses are designed to resist high temperatures and will not easily shatter. Since it is made of glass, it is a non-porous sex toy. That means you don’t have to fear pathogens as long as you keep it sterile and tidy between uses. How safe are glass dildos?